Monday, 18 June 2012

Diet cures better than doctor

With the interest in the physiology and health care, modern world has enhanced their mindset with a notion “Diet cares better than doctor”. With innovations and technologies, with modern medical research and developments, every work aspect is beginning with the word health, i.e. jogging, sports, refreshments, recreation centers, cinema but the source code beneath these aspects for physical fitness of an individual is based on the “diet” that he takes every day keeping his health attributes into the measure. We find soursop very useful for patients with cancer. Also ayurvedic treatment for cancer has been on rise.

The general health hazards such as high blood pressure, head ache, ENT problems are the very in common among the human beings now a days. The very “first aid” to prevent these kinds is the diet that an individual takes into consideration. Even daily communication and media resource do agree and recommend the proper diet in regular classifieds at free of cost.
Motivation behind this argument is the technology used and care taken by are built to cure and suppress the diseases but not to enhance health in direct. From the least used pharmaceuticals, pain reluctant to the critical cancer treatment, Doctors face the differentiated techniques used to measure the health attributes to suggest the health status and thus prescribing the necessities for the Normal health, which starts from Diet that an individual doesn’t know. Thus, an individual’s health care progresses and stays consistent with proper guidance by the doctor, a trained individual within medicine, physiotherapy, pharmaceuticals or homeopathy.
Thus, health care becomes every individual’s responsibility before he consults doctor with or without any health issues. Homeopathic cancer treatment is on rise in India. Other aspects such as individual’s financial position, working conditions, living conditions, neighborhood, stress and strain, pollution and genetic problems contrasts physical and diet issues, thus by default, diet becomes the major aspect that brings health care into consideration, concludes that “Diet prevents most of the health problems” which is otherwise stated as “Diet cures better than doctor”.

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